Future of the Internet
This page contains a collection of topics related to the Internet's Future


Ways to stay informed about the future...

Predicting the Future of the Internet is difficult since it is evolving so rapidly. There are however a number of online resources that will keep you well informed as developments occur:

Internet vs. Telephony

Rise of the stupid Network - by David Isenberg, formerly at the Opportunity Discovery Department, AT&T Labs. This article is designed to challenge your paradigm of what a communications network should be. Update- David has left AT&T (1/98) and started isen.com - If you really care about Internet vs. Telephone, you should really explore isen.com.

The Cookreport, which tracks the internet's infrastructure.

Voice on the Net (von.com) The online reference for Internet-based telephony. Created by pulver.com. These two sites (von.com and pulver.com) are must visit sites. You should also sign up for the Pulver report which is available for free via email. The Pulver report will keep you automatically informed of Internet telephony developments.

Personalized Information (news agents)

Some sites give you the capability to define a profile for yourself , and be automatically notified when a related change occurs. This helps relieve the burden of a user having to repeatedly visit a site.

    1. my.yahoo.com
    2. Newspage
    3. Stroud's list of Online News Clients
    4. Yahoo's list of Personal News resources

Search agents:

  1. BotSpot - this site  covers developments in the search agent field. Includes a comprehensive list of all bots, or just join their free newsletter.
  2. Copernic.
  3. Intelliseek - creator of Bullseye which can search over 450 databases.
  4. TheWebTools.com - Home of Mata Hari.
  5. Yahoo's list of Intelligent agents.
  6. Shopping agents can comparison shop for you a dozens of vendor sites.  Try these for example: killerapp, MySimon.
Quality of Service (QOS)

- QOS refers to the Internet industry's efforts to enable high levels of quality service, even when multiple backbones are involved in carrying the data. Once the Internet can guarantee high levels of QOS, The Internet will be better able to support mission critical and real-time applications.   Reference: Delivering QoS on the Internet and in Corporate Networks

..Link to Cook Report - which discusses the Automobile Industries efforts to build a VPN over the Internet (could also go on the extranet section)

Quality of Service - books and many online links

Electronic Commerce / security

Watch and Listen to this presentation by John Chambers, CEO of Cisco. He talks about the need for business to Inter-connect with external customers, suppliers, etc.

Read the Cluetrain Manifesto

High-Speed Access

Links to discuss advancements in higher speed access - BackBone, WDM,

ways of overcoming the"last mile": xdsl, power lines, cable, direct PC, MMDS and other wireless flavors