Internet Implementation Tips

Implementation covers how the organization integrates the Internet into its activities. Simply getting an Internet connection, and dumping Netscape onto workstations is a recipe for disaster. Too many companies focus strictly on the technical challenges, and overlook the impact Internet will have on their existing business processes.

Implementation Overview

Many organizations focus strictly on the corporate level technical issues of Network connectivity. Unfortunately, it is the employee and the employee workstation that are often neglected in this planning.

Internet Tool Kit
  • Do not give the employee just a Web Browser with a generic home page
  • A robust suite of tools should be bundled with every employee’s Internet connection
  • These tools will reside on User’s PCs and Intranet servers

Employee PC :

Intranet Servers:

Internet Skills (Essential skills and specialized skills)

Training is more critical for the Internet than almost any other application. The Internet is different from other applications, in that it includes an interactive component. You would not travel to Japan to negotiate a contract without first learning about their culture. Yet how many of your employees wander around cyberspace, without any indoctrination? The investment made in Internet training will pay handsomely as your employees learn how to take advantage of this valuable tool to support your organization's goals. (Be sure to look at my own course offerings.

Why Internet training is important:
  • Untrained users WILL waste a lot of time
  • Users unable to find useful sites
  • Users could embarrass the organization

Essential skills to include in the training:

Consider linking the users’ getting access with their completion of training (No training? --> No access through Firewall )

Specialized Internet skills for employees . Additional internet training should be offered to match the employee's job function. For Example:

Corporate Internet Access Policy

Define an “Internet Access Policy” to include:

The whole point of having a policy, is to help prevent employees from getting into trouble in the first place