About Russ Haynal

I am an Internet Instructor, Speaker, and Paradigm Shaker. 
For over 20 years, I have spent most of my time teaching and speaking about the Internet to audiences throughout the world. 
When I am not in front of an audience, I am researching the Internet, and updating my materials for future presentations.

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Since 1993, I have taught to over 30,000 professionals from over 100 organizations including:
- All 17 agencies of the Intelligence community
- All branches of the U.S. Military
- Government and law enforcement organizations at the federal, state and local levels
- Companies that support the Intelligence community
- Numerous international partners
- Internet service providers and telecommunication equipment manufacturers

I have created several courses that are known throughout the industries that I serve. My audiences range in size from hands-on classrooms to large conference seminars with over 400 attendees. 

I first began teaching customized internet classes to  Internet providers and technology companies including  Verizon/MCI/UUNET, AT&T, Teleglobe, Bell Atlantic, Lucent Technologies, Newbridge Networks, Seagate, Software AG, Northrop Grumman, Anser, TASC, etc.

One of my earliest clients was UUNET, which was one of the world's first and largest internet provider (now part of Verizon).  I  developed a course called “What every ISP Employee should know about the Internet”  I taught this course to every sales rep ever hired by UUNET over a six year period.  This course included techniques to discover the internet's infrastructure, and connectivity of competitors and potential customers.  I also offered advanced internet training sessions on sales prospecting, ecommerce, account management techniques, etc.

Several government agencies became aware of my unique courses.  I further customized my courses and developed new courses for my government clients, particularly in the Intelligence community where I have developed a strong reputation and a loyal following.   My internet sessions often receive the highest ratings from participants when such feedback is collected. 

Due to non-disclosure/non-publicity restrictions, I will not be sharing many details.  Here is an article from the Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin that mentions my popular courses being offered at the Open Source Academy.

OLDER activities are listed below:

The Washington DC Chapter
of the
Internet Society

I am one of the founding officers of the DC chapter of the Internet Society.

DC-ISOC was formed to meet unique needs of Washington, DC-area Internet planners, builders, and users, and to help represent the Internet to the U.S. government. The Internet Society (headquartered in nearby Reston, VA), a global organization, encouraged creation of DC-ISOC to allow the headquarters organization to maintain a global perspective, while the chapter could meet the pressing need for Internet representation in the U.S. government's work to define the National Information Infrastructure (NII). You can read an Interview I gave about DCISOC soon after it was formed.

I was the Subject Matter Expert  for a series of multimedia CD-ROMs; "The Internet: A Knowledge Odyssey". CD-ROM Today Magazine awarded the CD their Critic's Choice Award as one of the top-rated CD-ROMs

"The Internet: A Knowledge Odyssey" is a complete educational and reference product for new and experienced users of the Internet. Each "The Internet: A Knowledge Odyssey" product contains more than 2000 screens, 1000 audio clips, 400 glossary items, 100 pre-select site list, multimedia graphics and video, Internet access software and hot links that connect you directly to the net. Each edition also includes video segments by Dr. Vinton Cerf, first president of the Internet Society.

Several editions have been released such as the Home Edition and Business Edition as well as many customized versions for specific bundling partners, distribution channels and large clients.

Monthly Columnist for
Enterprise Reengineering
The National Publication for BPR

Monthly columnist for Enterprise Reengineering - During 1996, I had my own column called "Making the Connection" which addressed the growing relationship between Internet technologies/online resources and the reengineering efforts of organizations.

logicon.gif (236 bytes)Mindbank Consulting Group

At Mindbank Consulting Group, I was Director, Business Development. My responsibilities included establishing new client accounts and expanding Mindbank's relationship with existing clients. I worked with a wide variety of clients including several of the largest Internet and online information providers.

I also spent some time as Mindbank's Manager, Internet Services, where I defined a complete suite of Internet Implementation Services. I initially began at Mindbank as an internet consultant, helping several of Mindbank's clients to gain more benefit from their internet connection.

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In my previous life, I was a systems engineer and project leader with Grumman Aerospace. It was during my 10 years with Grumman that I learned about;


Russ Haynal -  Internet Instructor and Speaker

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