Internet Growth Charts

The "original" Internet Growth Charts

The Domain Survey attempts to discover every host on the Internet.  The raw data plus some charts are available here:




Older Charts ( 1996 - 2001): Tony Rutkowski had produced many useful charts using the detailed data from Network Wizards. The charts below are a slight modification of Tony Rutkowski's charts located at The Center for Next Generation Internet. I have modified the display format slightly to facilitate easier printing (no color background) and quicker online viewing (smaller file sizes).

Global Map

This historical map of Global Internet Connectivity to illustrates which countries lagged begind in connecting to the internet. This chart is developed by Larry Landweber and can be directly obtained from (I have also made slight modifications to this chart to fit it within PowerPoint's display area) The small animated map on Russ Haynal's ISP Page is an animated sequence of several versions of Larry's charts located at his FTP Site.  Any inquiries about the global map should be directed to Larry Landweber.

Here is a snapshot of Internet traffic through the MAE-East exchange just after Superbowl '98.

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