Russ Portrait Russ Haynal - Expert Instructor and Speaker

The Internet is the world's most valuable information resource, and it is also the biggest threat to your organization. 

I help organizations succeed in their important missions by ensuring their Internet usage is efficient, thorough, and secure.
My popular courses and seminars will ensure that the Internet is an asset, not a liability for your organization. 
I have taught over 30,000 professionals from the intelligence community, law enforcement organizations, and the telecommunications industry.

Contact me at 703-729-1757 or  Russ 'at'   If you use email, put "internet training" in the subject of the email. I look forward to providing the best learning experience for your Internet users.

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Russ Haynal -  Internet Instructor and Speaker

Contact me at 703-729-1757 or  Russ 'at'  
If you use email, be sure to put "internet training" in the email's subject, so I have a chance to notice your email in my inbox. Once we have emailed a couple of times, I will create an email filter that should automatically move your email into a "client folder" in my email program. There I will notice all your emails regardless of the email's subject. 
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