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Determine how they are connected, but don't assume that a traceroute to their web server will give you the answer... 

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Shortcuts: AS Mappings; Fixed_orbit - search AS numbers or try the AS traceroute, BGPLay - very cool (needs Java), JASPI - (needs Java)   Multiple DNS Look-up Engine ,, robtex
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Consider these scenarios:

  1. The organization hosts all their servers at their own facility.  A traceroute to the web server or email server will also indicate how the entire organization is connected
  2. The organization chooses to host all of their servers with various out-sourced solutions.  Recognize that the web server, email server, and Access provider to the organization's building can all be with different vendors.  The most assured way of determining how this organization is connected would be to do  a traceroute to a connection_persona of one of the employees who has visited a web site (This method works for all scenarios)
  3. Some servers may be out-sourced, some may be located locally.  A traceroute to a locally hosted server will show how the organization is connected
Problem, How do you discover the server locations associated with a domain name...  The Information is located online in the DNS Records for the domain.  Just "ask" any Domain name server for the DNS Record of the target site.  This information is widely used to properly route web requests and email messages to the domains servers wherever they may be located.

Here are several integrated multi-use tools:

Other advanced tools: 

You should also explore the advanced options of traditional resources.  For example the APNIC can show you all the IP numbers allocated to specific countries. Internet Protocols - Nice detailed write-up from Cisco about TCP-IP, BGP Technical Presentations, RFC 1786 - representing IP Routing Policies in a routing registry.

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