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Whois is a capability provided by some registrars to allow you to determine who owns a domain name or IP #.

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WHOIS Shortcuts: com, net, org, etc =  who.is, Network Solutions, Internicdomaintools, whois.netBetterwhois,  
foreign country :  IANA's List of country registrars OR Domain name registrars around the world   
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All domain names on the Internet are registered with "Domain name registrars".  Domain name registrars are entities which have been allocated the authority to register names for a specific subset of domain names. Most domain name registrars provide a "whois" function, where you can ask "whois domain.name" and they will tell you who has registered that domain name.  

For global top level domains (.com, net, org, etc), intense competition between registrars has made whois more difficult. Some registrars may block whois queries originating from competing registrars, or from popular third-party whois search tools.  To guarantee a successful whois query, you must query internic.net which contains the integrated database of all the global top level domains.  You can then proceed to query the specific registrar listed in the "referral URL" of the Internic's search results.

Useful  Whois locations include:

Regional Internet Registries handle the allocation of IP Numbers.  Using their "whois"  you can search ’based on IP Numbers, autonomous system numbers (ASNs), network-related handles, and other related Points of Contact (POCs)

To learn more about Domain Name structure and to locate domain name registrars for 2-letter domains (.UK, .JP, etc) explore the following links:

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