Country-Specific Content

Discover content focused on a specific country.  Use this page together with: Country-Specific Infrastructure.

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Country-specific search tools
  1. Search Engine Colossus - A list of country-specific search tools
  2. Big search engine index - the web's title says it all
News and Media Resources
  1. List of Newspapers around the world:  ABYZ News Links,    Paperboy,  
  2. Radio-Locator - 14,000 radio stations including 9000 live audio streams.
  3. Radio station World - another list of radio stations and also has shortwave info
Phone Book directories: Listing of Phone books from around the world
  1. -  Use the pull-down menu under "See all the Directories"
  2. International White and Yellow Pages.
Foreign Language Resources
  1. Translation sites: Google, Bing, WorldLingoSystran .
  2. - Links to thousands of language-specific dictionaries.
  3. Defense Language Institute language resources.
  4. - dictionaries and translation tools.
Domain Names: Research how your favorite country gives out domain names
  1. Unofficial list of Domain name registrars around the world  (cached copy)
  2. Official List of registrars from  IANA 
  3. Analysis of domain name policies of many countries.
  4. For more details see my domain name overview page.

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