Domain Names Overview

Domain names are a hierarchical, administratively controlled namespace.  
Domain names provide an easy way for people to refer to a web site.

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Shortcuts: -IANA's List of country registrars  or an unofficial list of Domain name registrars around the world
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Internet connections are uniquely identified with an Internet Protocol (IP) number.   IP numbers (IP version 4) are a set of 4 numbers, each one ranging from 0-255.   (e.g.  IP numbers are difficult for people to remember, so many organizations will register a domain name which can be mapped to specific IP numbers.  For more information about IP numbers see IANA (for example see this allocation of IP numbers)

The domain name system  began with several globally shared domain names  ( .com, .net, .org) as well as country-specific codes ( .jp, .de, .us, .uk)  Over 1,000 new top level domain names started coming online starting in 2013.

Domain Name Registration

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