Internet Course:
Advanced Internet Class

Purpose of Course:

For selected employees who need to learn more about Internet tools and advanced search techniques. Turn average users into "power users" who can effectively use the full capabilities of the Internet.

Course Contents:
  • Description of hidden information universes on the Internet
    (everything is not in WWW)
  • Assembling a complete suite of software applications
    A Swiss army knife (ala Netscape) can't do everything!
    - Helpers, viewers and players to handle every type of file on the planet
  • Comparison of On-line Information resources
    - Subject trees vs. search engines
    - Advanced query commands (ways to avoid 20,00 "hits" with a search engine)
    - Information filtering services
    - "must have" meta-sites
  • Hundreds of specialized search resources
  • Reaching the Internet's most powerful information resource: Its Users!
    - Mailing list and newsgroup resources
    - A commonly overlooked shortcut - direct email
  • Advanced features of your web browser
  • Trends in information filtering / distribution
  • Notes:
  • Class is a full-day session (6 contact hours) - More than half of the time is spent on WWW.
  • On-line demonstrations are used throughout the class, including sites specifically related to the organization's industry.
  • Pre-requisite: Participants must have at least several months Internet experience
    (they should already be familiar with Yahoo, Alta Vista, HotBot, etc.)
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