Internet Course:
What every ISP Employee Should Know about the Internet

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Purpose of Course:

This course immediately helps employees in any internet-related company to understand their marketplace and to use the Internet as a competitive tool.  This course was originally developed for the sales reps of a national Internet Provider, but the course is well suited for employees in any Internet related business (ISP's, Web hosting, online content providers, router vendor, etc.)

Course Contents:
  • Introduction to the Internet's architecture and technology: Internet growth statistics, topology, backbones, Data Centers,  Exchange Points / Peering, TCP-IP, IP Numbers, Domain Names/Registrars, RFC's, etc.  (Employees should understand where their company & services are positioned in context of the Internet's architecture)
  • Overview of Internet applications such as email, mailing lists, newsgroups, ftp, telnet.
  • World Wide Web: Client/server model, web server/web site, HTML pages, encryption.  Web Browser features, opening multiple browser windows, managing bookmarks.
  • Advanced features of your company's email client, including filtering rules, signatures, message labeling, etc.   ISP employees may receive 100's emails/day. Effective management of this email is essential for their success.
  • Netiquette- Your employees will be interacting with your customers via the Internet - They must know the culture of the Internet, or they risk offending your customers or embarrassing your company. Demonstration of  the "author Profile" function of Google Groups so sales reps will not abuse Usenet Newsgroups.
  • Electronic Commerce - Explores the many creative ways your internet services might be used by your customers to support their business goals. (How can you "solution sell", when you don't understand the needs and benefits of your clients?)
  • Searching the Internet quickly and efficiently - Web directories vs search engines vs. virtual libraries.
  • Specialized Internet tools for lead generation such as Whois, Traceroute, nslookup, SEC Filings, link popularity, web site statistics, etc. Do your employees know how to use these resources to qualify leads, or gain competitive information?
  • Sales Training - Seeing it from the customer's  point of view, and coming to closure.  Are your employees ready to overcome objections raised by customers?
  • "Sensitivity training" - Clearly illustrate the power of the online customer.  Customers who are on the Internet have the ability to share information with "the planet". Your employees who deal with customers should explicitly understand this. "Sensitivity Training" helps to ensure that your company's reputation stays "clean" on the Internet, and helps minimize the chance that your company will be the topic of a negative discussion thread.  Example resources: DSL Reports, Nanog Mailing List, inet-access mailing list, Usenet archive.
  • Summary/future of the Internet.
  • Additional topics area also available such as Account management techniques, and Prospecting of entire industries and  E-commerce trading partners.

  • Class duration can range from 1 - 2 days depending on your needs..
  • On-line demonstrations are used throughout the class.
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