Internet Course for Managers:
Successfully Merging the Internet 
Into Your Organization

Purpose of Course:

This session is for the organization's executives and managers. Management needs to fully understand the implications of Internet as well as the positive (and negative) effects Internet can have on an organization. Organizations must also understand how the information revolution (enabled by the Internet) will dramatically alter the future of their industry segment. Without this understanding, organizations risk being at a severe competitive disadvantage.

This session creates an awareness and appreciation of the information revolution that is occurring. Online demonstrations will vividly illustrate the immense opportunity and risk associated with the Internet’s expansion into many business processes and forms of communication. This hard-hitting session will educate, inspire, and motivate (perhaps scare) management into embracing the information age.

Course Contents:
  • Class is normally a full-day session (6 contact hours). A subset of this session can be delivered in shorter duration executive briefings.
  • On-line demonstrations are used throughout the class, including sites specifically related to the organization's industry.
  • Emphasis on practical implementation tips to ensure that the Internet is an asset, not a liability for the organization.
  • This session is also useful for organizations who already have a connection, but are "not doing much with it"
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