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This page contains a few of the sites that I frequently demo in my classes and speaking engagements. 
If some of these links don't make sense, it's because you are not an "alumni" of my courses ;-)
Read the Cluetrain Manifesto - (trust me on this)
Marketing examples - Providing more than just the product catalog
  1. Godiva Chocolates - A commercial company that offers more than just their sales catalog (try the free recipes, VIP Reminder Services, or enjoy their Chocolatier Magazine). Many commercial web sites add value to their site by providing additional information that is of value/interest to their customers.
Sales examples - Online transactions and more
  1. Amazon Books - A bookstore with over 2 million titles. Lots of full feature services such as delivery, gift wrapping and a personal notification service for when your favorite author releases a new book. Repeat customers are greeted with a customized page which suggests new purchase options based on previous purchases. Fellow readers can also place their own comments online about the books they've read. Could you imagine letting your customers place their comments about your products/ services right onto your web site? Afraid to do that? That's OK, Your customers are probably talking about you already in the newsgroups or on some other web site.
Customer Service Examples - Increasing Customer convenience and satisfaction
  1. Federal Express - Now you and your customers will always know where your package is on the planet Earth. Fedex is providing real-time customer information directly to its customers. What kind of information does your organization possess, that your customers would like to access directly.
  2. Novell - This site supports the full life-cycle of interacting with a customer - especially in customer support be giving access Novell's Knowledgebase. The Internet is not just about marketing - It can support almost any information flow between two locations
  3. Cisco - Similar to Novell's site, but some of the information requires a password. You can place information on your web site and limit the access to it by requiring passwords. Some sites will even customize the customer's view of the web site based on how they log-in.
  4. MCIWorldcom Online Account Manager. Now you can access, review and pay your phone bill via a web page. You are also able to change your calling plans.  They have also announced that such online customer relations enable them to now offer a flat long distance rate of 9 cents/minute.
  5. NASD Regulation's Public Disclosure Program - You can discover all kinds of information about your investment broker or firm, such as any criminal charges, and files customer complaints.
Use of Click-able Image Maps
  1. Smithsonian Institute Their homepage has a large clickable map which really wasn't needed. However they do make good use of a clickable map at This map of the mall (Click on the Photograph, and up comes the Museum's web page)
  2. Another great example of a clickable map is Yankee Stadium seat viewer Imagine having interactive photographs of your products like this. (see also Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yard)
  3. SmarTraveler - Clickable, Real-time traffic maps.  (Internet User's have retaliated by creating Speedtrap.com.)
  4. For live pictures of traffic near Washington DC, Try this Montgomery County Page  or highwaynet for Virginia cameras.
  5. Terraserver - High Resolution Satellite images of your house!
New Paradigms and interactions enabled by the Internet
  1. Ebay - An online auction site between Internet users. Go and check it out. Virtually any item from your childhood is for sale right now. This site connects sellers directly to buyers with out the aid of a broker. What other industries rely heavily on Brokers?... (stocks, real estate, retail, insurance, etc., etc.)
  2. Realtor.com - Online access to over 300 MLS's Nationwide. Many listings are complete with color pictures, room dimensions, etc.   See also Homeprice check for previous purchase prices.
  3. Netgrocer - Purchase your groceries via the Internet and save money. Purchases are Fedexed to your doorstep.
  4. killerapp: comparison shop your next computer related purchase. (mysimon also)
  5. Etrade - started as a stock trader, but now offers banking, insurance, etc.
  6. People can be held very accountable for their actions:
    1. NASDR - Look up the 10 year employment history and criminal record of your stock broker.
    2. Massachusetts Physician Profiles  - see the malpractice history for the doctors of that state.
    3. Sex Offender registries - Online lists of convicted sex offenders. Virginia's List includes current address, and color photograph.
    4. Scorecard.org - discover the major sources of environmental contaminants in any town in the US
Real-Time and Live Information via the Internet 
  1. Thetrip - includes real-time status of flights in their flight tracker.
  2. Chicago O'Hare Airport - Listen to the tower handle aircraft's on approach
  3. Policescanner.com - Monitor police and fire dispatchers in major cities
  4. Space Shuttle Tracker - based on NASA's telemetry
  5. GSOC Satellite Predictions - Customized starcharts show which satellites will be visible over your town tonight.
  6. Weather Satellite image - Composite infrared image of entire planet
  7. Webcams - worldwide sites,
  8. The official US Time.
Other Useful demo sites
  1. To look up any phone number in the US, Try Switchboard or AnyWho (Permits searches based on Phone number, or you can easily pull up a list of people on specific streets)
  2. Look-up any street address (or plan a trip) at Mapquest or Yahoo's map pagehes b
  3. Yahoo! Movies , Yahoo!TV- just type in your zip code to see your local theatre listings, and channel guide.
Want even more example sites?
  1. ISWorld Net's Electronic Commerce Course Page .
  2. PC Magazine recently published their "top 100 web sites". This listing should lead you to many successful web sites. PC Magazine also includes a brief write up about each site
  3. Hot100.com - Shows the most popular Internet sites on the Internet based on Weekly traffic Statistics. This gives you a sense of what sites are attracting Internet Users.
  4. Yahoo - Internet Magazine Section - Many of these magazines track business trends of the Internet.
  5. How E-Commerce Works - from howstuffworks.com.
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