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This page links you to a variety of standard search tools (directories, search engines, meta-search engines, etc)

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Search Tools: DMOZ,(dmoztools, curlie)   Google ( advanced, settings, help),  Bing ( options), DuckDuckGo,  Yippy , ixquick,
Web Analytics:  Alexa siteinfo , Alexa Top Sites,        Similarweb,        URLMetrics ( ,, , )    

Internet Directories: best used by browsing (vs. searching) when you are early in your search, or are still learning about your topic

  1. DMOZ,(dmoztools, curlie) Links to 4 million websites sorted into 1 million categories
  2. Example directories: ,  (archive), 

Search Engines: Use detailed keywords. Read the online help and advanced features for each search engine.

  1. Google,, Bing
  2. Search Engine Watch: Search Engine News & Tips.
  3. - compares the search results of various search engines
  4. robotstxt - has a list of known search engine robots.

Meta-Search Engines: Pass your keywords to multiple search engines at once.

  1. ixquick , Yippy

Web Analytics: Research the popularity and user demographics of websites before you visit them.

  1.  Alexa siteinfo - enter a web address into their search box
  2.  Alexa Top Sites - lists the top 50 most popular sites, can also view most popular sites by country  
  3. Similarweb  - enter a web address OR the name of a phone app
  4. URLMetrics ( ,, ,

"User Pages" - Resources built by "people without a life" 

  1. Could be listed at a directory such as   Browse around to the subject of your choice.  Look  for "organizations" , "directories",   or  "FAQ's" listings  for your subject area.
  2. Wikipedia - Many of the better websites will be linked from the bottom of a Wikipedia page about the subject.  Look for the section called "external links"
  3. - A map where users can add their own comments. I suggest you initially set "map type" to "Google map" , zoom out, pan around, and zoom in to a location of interest.. and then set "map type" to "wikimapia classic" to see all the user comments.
  4. Try surfing upstream from individual sites that you have discovered.

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