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Specialized Search Engines

The well-known search engines (e.g. Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista ) are generic. They have no particular topic that they care about. They would just assume add a link for "Bee Collecting" as they would for "World Politics" There are many value-added search engines that concentrate on a specific topic. In this section I highlight some of these search engines to clearly illustrate how these specialty search engines can outperform the generic Lycos and AltaVista when it comes to some kinds of information.

You are invited to try these specialized resources. When you get the results from one of these sites, think if you would have been able to even get the same information from Lycos and AltaVista

To look at hundreds of other specialized search engines explore Search.com and the All-in One Site. Both of these sites point to hundreds of other search engines, and they have grouped the search engines based on what subjects they cover.

News Resources:
  1. News Resource -Extensive links to newspapers and news services around the world. (see India for example)
  2. Newscentral - Links to over 3500 newspapers. See also Worldwide news.
  3. . Reuters. CNN, BBC,
  4. newspaper online - Links to many online newspapers
  5. Yahoo's List of Regional Newspapers.
  6. Yahoo's list of News and Media - sorted by region
  7. World News Connection.
  8. MIT's List of Online Radio Stations (lists over 5,000 stations)
Foreign Language Resources:
  1. The Yamada Language Center -Comprehensive guides to (human) language resources on

  2. the WWW. Fonts, newsgroups, mailing lists, and WWW links
  3. Dictionaries and other Language-specific Resources.
  4. Online Dictionaries (linked to more than 500 dictionaries of over 140 different languages)
  5. Foreign language Learning Resources (call.gov)
Geographically Oriented Resources:
  1. Patarios - Index of search engines from all over the world, with listings separated by region.
  2. Search Engines and Directories Worldwide. A good listing of country-specific search engines. 
  3. Yahoo's regional list of search engines. Points to country-specific search resources
  4. Yahoo's general region-oriented listing. Points to all kinds of country-specific websites that have been announced to Yahoo.


Towards the future..
All of these resources involve you making repeated queries to their ever-changing database. Some sites also give you the capability to define a profile for yourself , and be automatically notified when a related change occurs. This helps relieve the burden of a user having to repeatedly visit a site. The ultimate example of automatic online delivery is Pointcast. Think of Pointcast. as a personalized CNN news service. With Pointcast, you download free client software which you then configure with information you are interested in (company names, industries, weather, sports, etc) Your Pointcast will then retrieve current news (Reuters, AP, stock prices) for your profile. If you have not seen Pointcast, go to their web site now and try their free client. This is the wave of the future.  If you can't use Pointcast in your work environment, you may want try web-based alternatives such as my.yahoo.com.

There are also numerous search agents  described at botspot.


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