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Russ Haynal
Internet Instructor, Speaker, Author, and Paradigm Shaker
I help organizations succeed in the fast-paced digital world.
Is your organization fully prepared for the online world and its impact to your industry?   Organizations must have a clear Internet strategy and properly trained users. Without these elements, your organization will be obliterated by a net-savvy competitor.

Internet Courses

Information about my Internet courses. These courses are all designed to have an immediate impact on how the Internet benefits your organization.


Information about my consulting services and my background


General Internet Information:
  • Russ Haynal's ISP Page -Pointers to all the major Internet Providers, Backbones Maps, Exchange Points.  This page is used during my Course : " What Every ISP Employee Should Know about the Internet "
  • Internet Growth statistics -See how quickly the net is growing by domain name and country.
  • Internet: "The Big Picture" - Answers the Question: "What are the major pieces of the Internet, and who are the major players in each segment?"  Follows the Internet from your keyboard to online servers
  • The Internet's Physical Layer - Details about how Information travels around the Internet
  • Getting Connected - Includes information about setting up your home network
  • Getting software - how to embellish your machine with all kinds of essential Internet software.
Privacy and Security Concerns:


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I can be reached at 703 -729-1757 or at Russweb 'at' navigators.com
If you use email, put "internet training" in the subject of the email
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