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The page focuses on the persona that a user gives off when they visit web sites.   This Persona is created based on how you are connected to the Internet, and which software you use.

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Internet Access - The way an Internet user is physically connected to the Internet will effect the persona the user "presents" when visiting web sites.  The Internet user must have some kind of persona, in order for the web server to send web pages to the user.  This is also true with many other user applications which communicate with other online computers via  client server or peer to peer .

Common Methods of Internet Access
Web Server Logs

A web server keeps a second_by_second log of all user activity at the web site.   These raw access logs are usually too detailed to be studied by the average, overworked webmaster.  (Here is a 1 hour example of a raw access log from my web site )  Most web masters will run log analyzers which can create reports such as this .  Here is an another example from my web statistics which shows the hits made while using, language translators, and google searching.

see also: log analysis - Web Trends - complete example report - Try out all the options in the left column

Here are some example persona which illustrate the various types of Internet connections.   These examples were pulled from my own website statistics.

  1.      ( Dial-up access users on UUNET Modems)
  3.  (Cable modem users -@home)
  5.            (AOL Users located where?)
  7.         (Gateways at Colleges and employers)
  12.   ( Motorola... sps = division acronym?, phx = phoenix?)
  13.           (A lab at NTT, Japan  ? )
  15.   (an employee named workstation ?)
  16.                          (an employee named workstation ?)
  17.     (an anonymizer service)
  18.        (Can traceroute or do a whois at geektools )
  19. -
  20.   (Search engine visitors)

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