Hidden Universes of Information
on the Internet

This web page accompanies a full-day training session. This web page is intended primarily for the "alumni" of the session, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the handouts provided in class.
(i.e. If some sections don't make sense, it's because you are not an "alumni" of my courses ;-)

  1. The Physical Layer - Details about how Information travels around the Internet
  2. Determine the source of Online Webpages- Determine the owner/location of a web site.
  3. Internet's Information Space - understand the diverse set of information types/resources on the Internet
  4. Search Engines - Advanced features of the popular search engines
  5. Specialized Resources - Going beyond the generic Yahoo and Lycos
  6. Misc. sites - Selected to match several interests of my clients
  7. Picking an Internet Provider
  8. Tips to Optimize your Bookmarks

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