Searching the Internet for an Individual

This page describes several search techniques which may help you look for an individual

Using the Internet to search for an individual can be a challenge.  Obviously the more you know about the person, the more likely it will be that you can find them using the Internet.

General Search

Google - You can try searching for the person's name in Google.  This will only work if that person's name has been typed onto a web page, and that web page has also been discovered by Google.  You have to ask yourself; "How 'public' is this person, how likely is it that my target person has built his own web page, or has been mentioned on someone else's web page?".  Another drawback to this approach, is that there may be hundreds/thousands of people with the same exact name as your target person.  See my Overview of search tools for a description of how search engines work.

Google - You can also try searching for the person's email address in Google.  Email addresses are unique (one of a kind).  A regular Google search may show the person's email address on a web page, or in an online guest book. 

Google_groups - Google has a full-text, searchable archive all the text of all the messages posted to the usenet newsgroups for the past 20 years.  You can search these bulletin boards for your person's name or person's email address.  See my Overview of Usenet for more information.

Specific searches - In most searches for individuals, you will have to get into Specific Databases due to the shape of the Internet's Information Space. There are thousands of specialized databases link on my  Specialized Search Tools- page.  Here are some examples:

misc articles - Show many other ways some  might be tracked in databases.

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