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This is the online companion to the Russ Haynal's Internet Session. This page will link you to many topics discussed during our session together.

Note: This is an example "Internet Training" webpage that I develop for each and every seminar or training engagement. This "Internet Training" webpage will link to all related online resources mentioned throughout the sessions. I also update the online page at the conclusion of the session, to reflect Q&A during the session. These "Internet Training" webpages have proven to be a popular benefit of my services, and will serve as an invaluable online resource for anyone who attends the training. Your "Internet Training" webpage will remain available for a "long time" (years) for unlimited usage by your entire organization.

Internet Seminar at Your Organization's name (Example set of links for the Internet Essentials course )
  1. Internet Architecture
    1. Internet growth statistics. See how quickly the net is growing by domain name and country.
    2. Internet: The Big Picture- Illustrates major segments of the Internet's Infrastructure and identifies major players in each segment.
    3. Russ Haynal's ISP Page includes links many resources such as the major Internet backbones, exchange points, architecture, and Domain Names.
    4. Confused by all the Jargon? Consult with these resources:
      1. NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
      2. glossary of Internet Terms
      3. acronym and abbreviations,
  2. How to select an Internet Provider for Home.
  3. Online Communities - Email, mailing lists, Usenet Newsgroups and Netiquette.
  4. Effective email techniques - Learn all about signatures, and filtering rules.
  5. World Wide Web
    1. Reading Web Addresses -
    2. Determine the source of Online Webpages- Determine the owner/location of a web site
    3. Check your persona Right now. Make sure you understand what webmasters know about you. (If the link returns an error, try these back-ups: Web Site Environment Variables, What We Know About You,)
    4. Online Search Tips - A step by step guide.
    5. Searching the Internet - Find anything you want - If you know which tool to use...
    6. Business Uses of the Internet - See the many creative ways organizations are incorporating the Internet into their business processes.
    7. Internet Software features and options - How to organize your bookmarks, and locate additional Internet Applications
  6. Future of the Internet - (Electronic commerce, Intranet, extranets, push technologies, multi-media, high-bandwidth access) Emerging Internet Standards and protocols. Ways of anticipating Internet's future direction.
Industry-Specific Links

This section will contain industry-specific links to your customers, competitors, industry resources, and additional resources based on your organizations unique requirements.

New links added as a result of Q&A during the Session

In this Section, I add any new links required to fully answer questions from the sessions .

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